Whole Patient Care to Help You Thrive

At THRIVE, not only do we offer outstanding medical care, but we are also committed to taking the time it requires to care for the whole patient.

The best doctors truly care about their patients and bring equal measures of time, expertise, and compassion to their practice. Drs. Sara Berg and Kate Petrungaro created THRIVE Internal Medicine in order to care for patients in this way. They both have exceptional educational and clinical credentials and are committed to providing high quality evidence-based medical care.

Due to their affiliation with a world class academic medical center and shared medical record system, Drs. Berg and Petrungaro are able to ensure their patients receive referrals to the highest quality of expert specialty care. Dr. Berg and Dr. Petrungaro have learned through experience and reflection that patients thrive—feel better physically and emotionally—when they can talk frankly and openly to their doctors, when their doctors hear and acknowledge them, and when they are treated with dignity and respect.


Patient-Focused Primary Care

Wondering if direct primary care  is right for you? Take a look into how it works and learn what you can expect as a THRIVE patient.

Longer & Easy to Schedule Appointments

Schedule unhurried appointments easily by text, phone or email. Sick visits, or visits to address a particular problem, are generally available on the same day or next day. Longer appointments for physicals are scheduled at your convenience.


THRIVE Internal Medicine will use Epic as its electronic medical record system.  Many Chicago-area health systems also utilize Epic, enabling us to obtain your records electronically and easily coordinate with specialists.

In Office Lab Services & Testing

We conveniently offer vaccines, lab tests (blood draws) and certain point of care testing in our office.


Our price model is simple and straightforward, with one annual fee that covers all the services we provide. There are no additional copays or fees. You can view a detailed list of covered services on our Common Questions page.