Dr. Sara Berg

Sara Rosenbaum Berg, MD

Background & Experience

Dr. Sara Berg is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician who has been practicing with Northwestern since 2013.

In addition to her clinical practice in Chicago, Dr. Berg is passionate about teaching medical students at the Feinberg School of Medicine and has received multiple Outstanding Teacher Awards.

Dr. Berg graduated summa cum laude from Tufts University with a double major in Psychology and Community Health in 2004. Subsequently, she completed her premedical coursework at the Northwestern University School of Continuing Studies while working as a medical assistant. During this time, she co-authored an important paper published in the American Journal of Cardiology on then-current guidelines for treating high cholesterol.

While applying to medical school, Dr. Berg received an Intramural Research Training Award Fellowship at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD, where she conducted research on making tumor cells more sensitive to the body’s natural immune defenses. Dr. Berg then returned to Chicago to attend Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, graduating in 2010 with Honors in Research. As a medical student, Dr. Berg conducted research and published on topics such as the effect of cancer drug toxicities on the quality of a patient’s life and how to assess symptoms associated with drug therapies.

Upon graduation, Dr. Berg was selected as a member of the 2013 Internal Medicine class at Northwestern’s McGaw Medical College. During residency, Dr. Berg continued to conduct research and completed a research thesis on the role of antimicrobial proteins in chronic sinusitis. She also was the recipient of multiple Resident Teaching Awards.


Immediately after completing residency, Dr. Berg was hired as a full-time attending physician in Internal Medicine at Northwestern Medicine. She spent three years practicing in downtown Chicago and then moved to the Northwestern Medicine office in Lakeview.

Dr. Berg’s patients know her as a compassionate, knowledgeable and skilled physician, and an excellent listener. She guides patients through difficult decisions with kindness and compassion, and tailors her care to match her patients’ goals. Dr. Berg delivers evidence-based recommendations but understands that data must be applied to each person in a highly individualized way that considers their personal preferences. Dr. Berg takes pride in educating her patients so that they feel empowered to make informed decisions and participate in their own care. She is passionate about patient care and values the relationship she forms with her patients. Dr. Berg is also an outstanding mentor to her colleagues and is known to collaborate on strategies for improving patient care.

Growing up in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago as the daughter of two physician role models, Dr. Berg began to learn the art of being a caring and dedicated physician from a very young age. During her first year of college at Tufts University, Dr. Berg met her husband, Alex, who is a Boston native and now practices as an in-house attorney. They have three young children and a Boston Terrier who keep them constantly on their toes. Dr. Berg “thrives” on spending time with her family and friends, learning new skills, exercising, and reading both fiction and non-fiction. She looks forward to this professional move which allows her to practice closer to home.