Dr. Kate Petrungaro

Kate (Kathryn) M. Petrungaro, MD, FACP

Background & Experience

Dr. Kate Petrungaro is a board-certified internal medicine physician who has been practicing with Northwestern Medicine since 2010.

In addition to caring for patients, she has been an instructor at Feinberg School of Medicine, serves as a Clinical Information Technology Director with a goal of optimizing physician use of the electronic medical record and most recently has represented her colleagues in efforts to improve the delivery of healthcare.

Dr. Petrungaro graduated cum laude from the University of Chicago in 2002. She then did science policy research for the American Chemistry Council in Washington, DC, before attending medical school at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. During medical school she returned to DC when she was selected from a national pool to serve as a GRIP (Government Relations Intern Program) with the American Medical Association.  Dr. Petrungaro was inducted into the Hobart Amory Hare Medical Honor Society in 2005 and graduated from Jefferson in 2007.

Upon graduation she was selected as a member of the 2010 Internal Medicine class at Northwestern’s McGaw Medical College.  During residency Dr. Petrungaro participated in the Women’s Health track which has carried into her clinical work today. She was recognized for her outstanding mentorship during this time with multiple Excellence in Teaching Awards. Additionally, she was recognized for her research efforts and was the winner of the Resident Research Day for her basic research on Staph Enterotoxin B upregulation.


Northwestern hired her as a full-time internal medicine physician immediately after residency. Dr. Petrungaro quickly earned a reputation for being a skilled and caring doctor.  She was accepted as a Fellow of the American College of Physicians in 2019. Dr. Petrungaro is a widely sought-after internist in the community because of her skill and genuine love of the practice of medicine. Her patients often note her ability to listen with concern, react with compassion and provide a detailed yet achievable plan to address their medical problems. Patients deeply appreciate that Dr. Petrungaro shares the evidence for her recommendations and makes sure that her patients understand even the most complex research.  Given such information, patients are educated and active participants in their own care.

Dr. Petrungaro feels that the trust her patients place in her skill and judgment is the highest and most significant honor she has ever received.

Dr. Petrungaro grew up in rural south-central Pennsylvania on a farm that afforded her singular opportunities to do things like ride and train horses, clean stalls, and stack firewood.  She met her husband, James, when she was an undergraduate at the University of Chicago.  James is a Chicago native and works in the city as an education law attorney.  They are in constant motion between busy professional careers and the activities of their three children who never cease to surprise them with their energy and wit.  Also, someday, Dr. Petrungaro hopes to beat her mother at Scrabble.